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Re: Life getting to complicated?

On 22/04/2019 21:39, Mark Rousell wrote:
If the above is correct then it's probably because the Netgear router is not doing "NAT loopback". When enabled, NAT loopback is where the router allows packets originating from the LAN to pass through and then come back in from the WAN side via the NAT public IP address.

Somewhere there should be an option to enable NAT loopback on the Netgear router.

There's a rather brief Netgear article about NAT loopback here: https://kb.netgear.com/000049578/NETGEAR-Router-support-for-NAT-Loopback

Thanks that was the kick I needed ...
https://community.netgear.com/t5/DSL-Modems-Routers/D7000v2-NAT-Loopback/td-p/1566171 is a much better answer, and like the original poster the modem is now re-boxed and ready to go back! What was more annoying is the number of days it took NOT to get this answer from the Netgear support services :( And several months on there has been no attempt to fix the problem either.

Fixing the Netgear so it can 'phone home' is obviously the real problem now, or is there some way of getting around that so that PHP can still work locally as happens with my non-PHP sites?

If you can't enable NAT loopback on the router then the alternative is to use the local LAN IP address of the web server in any PHP scripts instead of the domain/host name (which resolves to the public IP address).

The problem with that is there are multiple websites all resolved to the public IP address. One can't simply use the local IP address to access them? One has to have 'NAT Loopback' working in this case, which it does no the older Netgear D6220 and all the BT Hubs ... It's just a pity that all of them seem to have some problem ...

Or is there some way to work around this on the PHP-FPM side of the network?

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