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Life getting to complicated?

Just discovered a problem on a couple of sites which was not obvious when other changes happened last week.

Since the arrival of fibre broadband I've been fighting a problem with occasional dropouts on the line. In the old days they were regular events, but 20 or so seconds and the line was back up. With Fibre it's up to 10 minutes before the connection can be used again and invariably the dropout happens just when you are on line to a remote site doing work. A jump from 4Mb/0.5Mb to 80/20 may seem magic but only if it's reliable? I've reinstated the old second line which was doubling my original 4Mb to 8 ... and that is running fine so perhaps we just drop the main line, but one last throw was to drop the BT Hub6 in favour of a second Netgear hub which is working perfectly on the second line. Of cause every time you change devices you are down for 10 minutes which is the first problem, but initially it seemed that the port forwarding to make the web server appear on the static IP address was not working. It took three days and four different fault reports to BT and Netgear to establish that ACTUALLY port forwarding was working, it was just internally we could not now see the sites, externally they were working fine! BT's premium support was the first to even check after Netgear claimed the problem was obviously with the BT line :(

OK the problem was not the one reported, so now we need to know why the Netgear is not showing the local connections? We can work around as we just check things from the other line? Except none of the cron jobs are working on the Wordpress sites! They can't 'phone home' to action the PHP scripts but more irritating, there is nothing actually showing that the PHP side is not running? The sites look fine from the outside and I presume because the 'phone home' is broken, so also is any notification that it's broken?

Quick fix is obviously to drop back on modems, but BT have agreed if there are any dropouts in the next few days then the problem has to be their end. I think the Hub6 has always been the problem and it is looking like that currently so switching it back in is not the right solution. Fixing the Netgear so it can 'phone home' is obviously the real problem now, or is there some way of getting around that so that PHP can still work locally as happens with my non-PHP sites?

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