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Re: Curl-able daemon on Ubuntu + Apache + PHP?

I'm confused about exactly what you're proposing. What exactly is it?

A "curl-able daemon" would be anything that talks the HTTP protocol. This is pretty trivial to implement in PHP but I'd recommend against it. There are reasons why we tend to use a separate HTTP server when deploying web services written in PHP.

Would you care to elaborate on the details of your idea?


On Sat, 13 Apr 2019 at 15:27, Rene Veerman <rene.veerman.netherlands@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need to avoid the overhead on gazillions of JSON and BSON decide operations, so I need something of a curl-able daemon running on the same machine as a standard Apache + PHP website is run from, _in PHP_.

A simple solution that can run from Ubuntu in init.d with a call to command line PHP will do nicely.

And I fully intend to open source this one to all :)

It'll be called FolderDB.

Thanks for your time.