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Re: Wordpress wows ...

On 25/03/2019 17:05, AshleySheridan wrote:

WordPress is still using mysql_* calls? I might expect that of badly written plugins, not the WordPress core itself. If possible, try to find alternative plugins that don't use those methods, as they've been marked unsafe for years now, so it's little wonder they've been removed!

The latest core is still configured to default to using mysql_ if available. If you have mysqli_ as well you can tell it to use that instead ... there is a flag for is_mysqli ;) The problem is working out just which plug-ins ARE the problem as the dashboard is little help. But I've a little crib sheet now which seems to be the answer. And I confine debug activities to the plugin directory ...

You might be able to write a set of wrapper methods to create custom functions that replace the removed ones (although this might only work in a namespace) that can call through to either the mysqli_* functions or something else like PDO.

Actually WP has the wrappers already except they throw up a strike through in Eclipse as THEY are also deprecated. The politically correct solution apparently IS to rewrite the way the SQL side is generated in the plugins using the newer functions. But that requires digging deeper than a simple bug fix patch. Finding an alternate plug-in in ten's of thousands may be a less useful exercise time wise ...

I can understand why WP have yet to remove mysql as the vast majority of their users would not even know how to fix things if there was a problem. It just makes debugging and upgrading more difficult when one tries to pick this up from others later ... the clients just want something pretty that works on the screen :)

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