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Current stable framework

On 04/03/2019 23:18, AshleySheridan wrote:
I'd not anticipated it when somewhat forced
to move from 7.0 which I was still working to get everything else
clean on.
That is unfortunate, and something you might want to take up with your
hosting provider. They should have at least given you warning about
this well in advance.

Perhaps part of my problem is not leaving the problem of providing a clean and stable version of PHP to a third party? Yes we do get warnings that the various elements of the framework are being dropped but that IS happening a lot faster today than it used to. I ran SUSE13.1 for many years on the production servers, but the necessary repo's have long been taken down. The current stable platform is SUSE Leap15.0 with Leap42.3 predating that and both lag some way behind PHP and the other web stack elements I use. I will need to move the 42.3 machine forward to 15.0 once all the PHP7.2 niggles are cleared.

The CURRENT hiccup was a quite regular one with Letsencrypt no longer updating the certificates. *IT* keeps trying to update itself in isolation to the rest of the software and invariably fails resulting in sites going down if not picked up. I've got around the problem this time by copying the version of certbot from the 15.0 machine to the 42.3 one, since 42.3 is STILL using a very old version of certbot. However this then throws up other problems and it was JUST such a problem that resulted in the need for the unscheduled switch from 42.3 to 15.0.

I still have not sat down and produced a crib sheet for the Leap15.0 setup on just what I have done to stabilise things again. I've done the usual block on SUSE installing apache as I'm using nginx. I've locked Firebird to the current version, and I've switched to the PHP7.2 development repo so that at least the current build of 7.2 is available without the risk of an upgrade to 7.3.

The real question, given the drive by all projects to 'reduce the time it takes for improvements to be released', is just how do we keep a stable production environment we can rely on? I've always been text only on the servers, although even that is a problem at times. I don't need anything more exotic than Firebird with Nginx and PHP although imagemagick is key to the web side graphics. And I need a reliable certificate source with is currently Letsencrypt. So apart from finally switching from SUSE which I've used since at least 6.0 days am I doing anything particularly wrong to have to be continually fire fighting problems?

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