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Re: Updating legacy code ...

On Mon, 2019-03-04 at 20:25 +0000, Lester Caine wrote:
> On 04/03/2019 19:57, AshleySheridan wrote:
> Having run code that is 'clean' from the start,

Isn't that the problem? The code wasn't "clean", it was just based on a
feature that was a bit broken from the beginning. That it only gives a
warning right now is the developers of PHP giving developers using it a
chance to update their applications.

> I'd not anticipated it when somewhat forced 
> to move from 7.0 which I was still working to get everything else
> clean on.

That is unfortunate, and something you might want to take up with your
hosting provider. They should have at least given you warning about
this well in advance.

> The core of the framework dates back to PHP4 

That is an *extremely* old codebase, so it's understandable that it's
difficult to maintain with modern versions of PHP. I can't think of
many languages that could last nearly 20 years without being updated to
work against a modern set of runtimes or compilers.

> and even today Smarty and ADOdb do not need to be reworked to remove
> the associative arrays they have worked with stably for years.

The latest version of Smarty has removed support for PHP 7.2 deprecated
functions, and ADOdb has been updated to support PHP 7.2, so they're
definitely moving with the times.

> Trying to re-write the whole of the infrastructure to work with
> objects is not something I can complete in my remaining lifetime ;)
> And I don't see a need TO do that when what we have works currently.

I was only offering a suggestion to your original problem.