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Re: Updating legacy code ...

On 04.03.2019 at 14:58, Lester Caine wrote:

> The one that is causing the most agro is complaints about using 'count'
> especially when they are being thrown in the cached templates used by
> Smarty and other elements of the framework. IS it now required that
> there is a separate check of the item being counted exists where
> previously it simply returned '0'? Throwing (array) in front of each
> just seems totally wrong, but the whole framework runs on the principle
> that an element is created when there is one or more values, and there
> being zero of those elements is flagged by it's absence in the bigger
> associative array. I've yet to work out just how Smarty is handling this
> problem and hacking the cache to add (array) quietens down the
> complaints ... but what is the correct way of handling this?

If I want to know whether my purse is *empty*, I don't have to *count*
the coins.  So, use `!empty($item)` instead of `count($item)`.

Christoph M. Becker