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JSON1 extension for SQLite


I'm looking for support of the SQLite JSON1 extension [1]. It provides JSON functions in SQLite SQL queries. This extension is already available in the SQLite3 commandline client, the SQLiteStudio GUI app and on my web server (PHP on Ubuntu 16.04). But unfortunately it is not available in the XAMPP distribution for Windows.

I've already asked in their support forum and they say that XAMPP only includes PHP's official Windows builds. I've looked around and found two SQLite-related files: php_pdo_sqlite.dll and php_sqlite3.dll, both are around 840 kB. There is no DLL named like json1.

Since the JSON1 extension is available in so many other environments, I'm wondering why it isn't in the PHP builds for Windows. (I'm not sure why it is available in Ubuntu's PHP build, I haven't installed anything special there.)

Can somebody please explain to me what needs to be done to get this SQLite extension running here? I guess I need a build of these two PHP DLLs that includes that JSON1 extension, which seems to be part of the official SQLite source code but needs to be enabled in the build.

I've got Visual Studio 2017 on my machine, but probably no C++ support yet, if that helps. I'm not experienced with C/C++ builds so I'd be happy about a ready binary for this.


[1] https://www.sqlite.org/json1.html