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Re: How do we know ...

On 18/01/2019 00:13, John wrote:
I've several machines working in the background and there is a
development machine but that is of little use while Letsencrypt do their
own updates to the production machines when updating the current certs!
I STILL can't get the new site certs set up at all on that machine so
taking control of the PHP version is a little academic anyway, but I
think I still need to roll back to 7.0 with Firebird2.5 as is working on
the other production machines.

I may be a bit naive here, and certainly off topic, but I have the same
situation as Lester and I don't understand why the site certificate should care
what versions of the application software are running, or even if a particular
package is present.  I have several versions of PHP running on my only server,
which is both test and prod, and also two versions of Apache, and the site
certificate (not from LetsEncrypt) is installed as a separate task every year.

I always install application software from source and NOT from the distro
because I don't want surprises and I want control so I can test before going

In my case I had to run a copy from LetsEncrypt as the stock one from SUSE would not connect at all. LetsEncrypt refresh is a monthly cycle and I had finally got it running in the background until the latest hiccup.

I've managed to sort the worst of the PHP7.2 problems ...

count( goes to count((array)
microtime() to microtime(TRUE)

' each(' is proving a lot more work ... 'How do we know' when to give up and roll back, except at some point we have to go through the whole exercise anyway ... I just don't see any gain from this one at all? Only 433 instances in this code base ... and no quick fix I can see.

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