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Re: Unable to compile PHP-7.3.0

On 26.12.2018 at 20:24, John wrote:

> Thanks for the links Christoph.  I downloaded the Fedora-25 rpm and if I can't
> figure all this out I will install it.  Due to the age of F25 (2017) this
> repository rpm would backdate the PHP version I have installed.

Hmm, it seems to me that RemiRepo offers quite recent stuff[1].

> Christoph, I am absolutely convinced that there are errors in the configuration
> script for PHP-7.3.0 BUT I don't have the skill set to prove that.  Do you think
> that a problem report should be filed with PHP or am I right out in left field?

Yes, please file a bug report on <https://bugs.php.net/>.  I'm pretty
sure that there are issues with the ext/imap configuration.  However, it
seems to me that the “manual” configuration which is still done for many
extensions can't really be solved generally, and instead relying on
pkg-config appears to be the way forward.  This is unlikely to happen
for PHP 7.3, though.


Christoph M. Becker