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Re: link vs file

link — Create a hard link 
is_link — Tells whether the filename is a symbolic link 

Look up the difference between hard and soft/symbolic links.


On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 3:27 PM Jeffry Killen <jekillen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am trying to get a feel for the difference
between is_link and is_file.

So I ran this code: the result is in comment block at the bottom

if(link('index.php', 'indexLink') === false)
   print "link failed";
   $_linkRes = 'false';
   $_fileRes = 'false';
      $_linkRes = 'true';
   else if(is_file('indexLink'))
      $_fileRes = 'true';
   print 'indexLink: link; '.$_linkRes."<br>";
   print 'indexLink: file; '.$_fileRes;
indexLink: link; false
indexLink: file; true

Why is it returning false for link and true for file?

This is an apache/php v 5.3x installation on Mac Yosemite.

Forgive my ignorance, but I have not worked with links up
to this point. If I load http://localhost/indexLink I get a ton
of raw code and some html rendered.

Thank you for time and attention