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Re: free business idea : groupware, opensource, free to use commercially, couchdb and IMAP based to bypass the high costs associated with SQL server-clusters. Then offer paid cloud services for startups with growing pains.

On Thu, 1 Nov 2018 at 13:21, Rene Veerman <rene.veerman.netherlands@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 a simple ADSL contract of 50 bucks a month supports all of my home browsing *and* my server hosting costs, try beating that

This is where you really lost me. This is not the basis of a reliable SaaS business, open source or not and no matter how good the software is, and if you think it is then I’m really not interested in entertaining any other ideas you may have.

A few thoughts that crossed my mind while reading...

* At how many users and what level of activity would you need to scale beyond a single MySQL master with n read only slaves?
* Is there an untapped market for open source groupware? In my experience companies are more than willling to shell out the peanuts that Gsuite or Office365 cost to get reliable services that are core to their business without the associated maintenance costs and uptime pressure.
* If this is such a great opportunity why are you telling us about it rather than doing it yourself, either personally or by hiring contractors to build it?
* Running a corporate mail server, especially for third parties, is no small undertaking, nevermind the other services involved. I’m not convinced you fully understand all of the gremlins that lie therein.



Stuart Dallas
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