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Re: [PHP] autocomplete password fields

I feel that this has nothing to do with PHP.
PHP is used in the web as a server-side language, and user's remembered
data by user is at client-side.

El 09/08/18 a les 17:10, Rene Veerman ha escrit:
> Hi.
> i've followed
> https://www.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/create-amazing-password-forms
> to the letter, but autocomplete does not work correctly for my login form
> at my http://seductiveapps.com
> current code is in 2 files :
> * for registration :
> https://gitlab.com/seductiveapps/seductiveapps/blob/master/seductiveapps/accounts/saAccounts-1.0.0.source.js
> * for login : #sitePopup_login in
> https://gitlab.com/seductiveapps/seductiveapps/blob/master/seductiveapps/siteContent/index.tpl
> Chrome (Ubuntu, 18.04, latest) refuses to remember more than one
> username+password combination for the login form,
> and it doesn't offer to update the password if i change it in the login
> form..
> Any tips on how to do this properly and in a cross-browser kinda way, will
> be much appreciated.

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