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Re: [PHP] Re: How Do I make Global Scope Variables AvailabletoFunctions

On 29.05.2018 at 16:18, John wrote:

> Thanks for your reply Christoph.  From your and other comments it appears that I
> can't do what I was trying to do.  
> On the one hand, it is satisfying that I wasn't making a mistake; on the other,
> I sure wish there was a way to avoid passing all these variables in PHP!  In a
> way it makes the "function" command far less valuable than it should be!

On the contrary, I'd say!  If I see a variable inside a function body, I
almost immediately know that it is a local variable or a function
parameter (or a superglobal), unless there is a global “declaration”.
Even better, each time I add a global “declaration”, I'm reminded to
think of a better way to express myself, and if I see a lengthy list of
globals, I know that the code will be hard to maintain.  See also

Christoph M. Becker

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