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Re: [PHP] BC break in 7.2 caused by undocumented and unauthorised change

On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 03:01:18PM +0100, tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


> That just proves that the age old notion of free speech does not exist on the internals list.

I'm not involved in any of the current drama and I have no skin in this
game. But I do get tired of people who are called out for bad behavior
consistently claiming that some supposed right to free speech they think
they have has been trampled. Indeed, you do have an a priori right to
speak freely. But that "right" may be curtailed relative to the venue
involved. Realize that in order to speak as freely as you like, you may
have to devise your own platform from which to speak. Because people in
their own venues don't owe you the time of day when it comes to "free

Paul M. Foster

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