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Re: [PHP] Re: White screen - nothing in logs

On 06/05/18 18:02, Brian Smither wrote:
I get 404. But with:
I get a page.

So, it seems the trailing slash may be the issue.

Case of two errors making things interesting ...

As I said on the other reply, the Apache rewrite is pulling the number cleanly and passing it, while on the nginx rewrite it was including the '/'. But the problem is ACTUALLY with the php end which SHOULD simply filter the number anyway! http://npc.smallbrook.co.uk/fisheye/view.php?gallery_id=45 works, but http://npc.smallbrook.co.uk/fisheye/view.php?gallery_id=45/ gives a white screen.

northwaypc.org.uk/fisheye/view.php?gallery_id=45/ does not give a white screen, instead redirecting to the gallery home page. Which is a mistake and I can see why that is not working as expected, but the PHP7 white screen is still the problem to be solved! If only because someone being nasty can use the hole to cause problems. It should simply fold back to a home page when any duff data is supplied :(

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