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Re: [PHP] White screen - nothing in logs

On 06/05/18 14:30, Richard wrote:

Date: Sunday, May 06, 2018 11:13:26 +0100
From: Lester Caine <lester@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I've got a new setup which I am moving websites over to. Still
using PHP7.0 via FPM with Nginx 1.13.9 as that is what SUSE Leap
42.3 provides.

First few sites have been fine, but the latest on is giving me
white screen crashes. Only on some limited content which is what is
even stranger, but the problem is there is nothing being written to
the fpm log file!

http://npc.smallbrook.co.uk/phpinfo.php is showing that everything
is set right and the log file is writeable although it is not being
created by nginx although some errors are appearing in the nginx
error log! catch_workers_output = yes

Where do I go next? I'm sure that the error message will cause the
problem to stick out like a sore thumb
http://npc.smallbrook.co.uk/fisheye/gallery/44 works fine, but
http://npc.smallbrook.co.uk/fisheye/gallery/6/ which should be a
set of galleries is just blank.

As you indicated, the /44 link works fine. With the /6/ one I get a
"404" in some browsers. If I remove the terminating "/" it seems to
work fine too. As a 404 is a server-level error I would expect it to
show in the [web] server logs, not the php one(s). Also, you seem to
be doing something with the configuration for the 404 error response
page so that it's not properly displayed by default.

TA - that was the prod I needed ...
http://northwaypc.org.uk/fisheye/gallery/6/ is the current live site and is working fine, but it's on Apache and the rewrite works differently :(

I'm looking now at why the 404 page is not displaying! It appears in the access log not the error log! NOW to create a real error and see if it displays :)

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