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[PHP] I am stumped

I have the following code snips from isolated development project:
I have been doing lots of coding similar to this and don't ever remember encountering
this type of problem. I have a working version based on this elsewhere, as well. I saved
this message as a draft while I looked over the working code and accept for variable name
differences and differences in foreach looping construct: file or dir is tested in the looping
construct and not in core gerDirListSingle code.

This is supposed to scan a directory and produce an associative array where the index is the
file listing and the value is either directory or file.

In the loop, $_itr is set to 1 instead of 0 to try and solve the eventual output question, but doesn't
do it in tests.

private function getDirListSingle($_dir)
         $_DR = [];
         if(($_DR = scandir($_dir)) === false)
            self::$_readError[count(self::$_readError)] = $_dir." not scanned";
         for($_itr = 1; $_itr < count($_DR); $_itr++)
                case '.':
                case '..':
                   self::$_dirsToRead[$_DR[$_itr]] = 'directory';
                   self::$_dirsToRead[$_DR[$_itr]] = 'file';

next is code to produce a string representation  of the array:
($_list['dirs'] is a copy of self::$_dirsToRead)

foreach($_list['dirs'] as $_ind=>$_val)
   $_outList[count($_outList)] = $_val.": ".$_ind;
$_out = implode($_outList, "\n");

The following is the result:
testBed is the directory being read for this
Why is testBed/test_1 included and the value is 1
instead of 'directory'. At the bottom of the list is test_1 listed as a file.
Perhaps I have gone blind and can't see a mistake I should be seeing.

// $_out printed out:               
1: testBed/test_1
file: hello.txt
file: hello_1.txt
file: index.php
file: test_1

Thanks for time and attention;
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