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[PHP] looking for some feedback.


i've built http://seductiveapps.com/news and the rest of seductiveapps.com
it's opensourced via https://github.com/seductiveapps/seductiveapps but has
a seductiveapps.com/LICENSE.txt that currently does not allow commercial
usage without paying a fee of 5% of revenue earned with the site.

an overview of the todo list as it stands now (without feedback), is at

what do you think of it?

how's the load time, and where are you approximately located and with what
kind of internet connectivity?

what do you think of the concept of the user-interface?

do you like the fact it can display videos as backgrounds for html content?

do you have any suggestions for a possibly better business model?

what can be improved?

thanks for your time,
 Rene Veerman
 Owner, CEO + CTO of seductiveapps.com