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Re: [PHP] strange failure

Thank you for the reply;
I thought I saw the permissions in order. Looking back at it, the owner is ftp user and the perms are
set to 0644 so the server user _www should be able to read it.

The file is a copy of a file elsewhere in the same file system branch. I keep deleting the copy from the
target directory (being read) and then posting a new copy. Each time the same situation occurs. I could
create a seat of the pants script and try to read the directory containing the original file and see if that
show the same or similar symptoms. I suspect it will. I tried changing the name with the same result.
I also noticed that the text encoding was western Latin so I change it to utf-8 with the same result.

This is not a critical issue at present. But it would be helpful to understand if the same or similar
situation occurs in the future.


> This might happen if the user that PHP is running as does not have permission to read that file, e.g. it has something like 700 permissions and belongs to 'joe' but php is running as 'www'.
> Thanks,
> Ash

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