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[PHP] undefined class constant (function)


I am trying to call either of two defined functions in a class def that
are assigned to associative array items.

$_proc = [];
$_proc['sync'] = self::listSync;
$_proc['async'] = self::listAsync;
return $_proc[$_type]($_fileLst);

"Fatal error: undefined class constant listSync...."

private function listSync(<arg>)
           // code, return result;

private function listAsync(<arg>)
           // code, return result;

I thought that if I did it like:
$_proc['sync'] = self::listSync()

self::listSync would be run and $_proc['sync'] would contain
what is returned.

So, trying to avoid a round of if/else if or switch block, how would I 
do this? 

I thought that this might work like javascript (I know javascript is a different language
but is mostly translatable to php). In js a function can be assigned to a variable and
called via the variable at a later time.

While composing this it might not be a bad idea that $_proc[<label>] would
contain the result of the function. So I probably answered my own question
for the task at hand. But allowing the $_proc items to hold function result
means that both function would have to be run so a statement like
return $_proc[$_type];
would work.

For future reference, how would I assign a function to a variable for delayed
execution in this situation?

Thanks for time and attention
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