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[PHP] cli script


I have a cli script and I want to run it as root.

So I run "sh-3.2#BTO.php" when pwd is the directory
containing the BTO.php script file.

The cli script resides in a server document root dir. It is
for changing ownership to server user for specific named files.

I am informed that "BTO.php: command  not found"

I don't do this often enough to be on top of the problem/solution

But I don't remember having this problem in the past. 
I have copied the document root dir and contents and installed the
copies in another servers document root. Then I run this cli as root
to change all the permissions to server user on new server.

There are no phantom spaces in the name and O is not 0 (zero) in
the name, or vis versa.

Any other possibilities?

Thanks for time and attention;
Jeff K 

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