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Re: [PHP] Reply to list ONLY!

On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 4:24 AM, Michelle Konzack <
linux4michelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Why do most of you respond always with two messages:
> 1) to the list
> 2) a reply direct
> It is annoying, specially, if I read my personal folder first
> and think, someone respond to me privately and answer accordenly
> even if the message should have gone back to the list...
> Thanks in avance
This may come off as rude, but I hope it won't, since that's not the
intent.  Nevertheless, here goes:

I'm just going to be blunt, here:  I stopped posting questions here (and on
most mailing lists), for the most part, because in forums the discussion of
the actual problem is almost never derailed by people griping about top
posts or reply/reply-all/reply-to-list.  That happened in one of the first
threads I was following:  the person asking never got an answer, because it
turned into a week of people yelling at each other about posting
etiquette.  I haven't seen that as much recently, but I've got to say it
wasn't a very welcoming environment.

A lot of us use whatever client we use because we like it, or it's simple,
or whatever other reason.  Since there are no standards, we mostly just
accept the way it works and move on with our lives.  As long as people
aren't insisting on HTML messages with the blink tag, I don't really care
whether they top post or reply twice.  Why?  Because my client (the GMail
web client) makes it clear what text is new, and only shows me one copy, so
it doesn't really make any difference in readability or time use.