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Re: [PHP] Reply to list ONLY!

Am DATE hackte AUTHOR in die Tasten: Narcis Garcia
> You mean Gmail's webmail.
> If you need Gmail address, you can use it with you e-mail client
> (M.Thunderbird, K-9 Mail, etc.) with better behaviour and less i/o spend.

I hate GMail because they believe, I live in France or Germany,
but if I am on voyage, or like now, living in Estonia, they have
blocked my GMail account and I am unabble to unblock it, because
they want, I go back to my frenc office and login from there to
unblock it, but my french office does not more exist!

GMail is a crap service like Live, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc., they
are all blocked by my mail server on SMTP Level because otherwise
I would get per day arround 200-10.000 spams on my mail server...

However, GMail is in the meantime also used by spamers and maybe
I will block GMail too.

I use on my three mail servers "squirrelmail" as webmail interface,
because it is fast, nobody tell me what is spam or not and I can use
spamassassin, visusscanner and RBLs and whateklse as I like.


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