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Re: [PHP] Reply to list ONLY!

Hello Lester,

Am 2018-01-11 hackte Lester Caine in die Tasten:
> There are a number of 'preferred' ways of running lists via email, and
> just like 'top posting' it can be something of a religious war, but with
> the right email clients one can manage things a little bit.

I think "Top posting" discussions where in the last 18 years endless

> With
> thunderbird I get 'reply to list', 'reply all', and reply. The PHP lists
> 'default' to replying to the sender as do many email lists these days
> and while *I* only very rarely need to replay just to the sender, that
> IS the default, so I have to remember to 'reply to list' which drops the
> personally addressed copy. As with this reply ...

I use since beginning of 1999 "mutt" and are used to hit ALWAYS

Currently my Compaq Laptop broke (screen stays black) and I use a
spare ThinkPad T400 with this horribel Windows 7 installed, which
do not even want to recognize its own Activation key and bother me
every hour and limit the functions of Windows 7...

I realy hate Micr0$oft!

However, currently I use my Webmail interface "squirrelmail" which
has also the option "Reply to List".  I can not realy imagine,
making it different

> Like most things related to the internet, nothing was ever planned, so
> there is no 'proper' way of doing anything. It would be nice if the
> domain names were th other way around so uk. was reserved for emails and
> domains that actually originated in the UK, but that is never going to
> happen now :(

Have a nice day

Michelle Konzack

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