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Re: [PHP] Reply to list ONLY!

On 11/01/18 09:24, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Why do most of you respond always with two messages:
> 1) to the list
> 2) a reply direct
> It is annoying, specially, if I read my personal folder first
> and think, someone respond to me privately and answer accordenly
> even if the message should have gone back to the list...

There are a number of 'preferred' ways of running lists via email, and
just like 'top posting' it can be something of a religious war, but with
the right email clients one can manage things a little bit. With
thunderbird I get 'reply to list', 'reply all', and reply. The PHP lists
'default' to replying to the sender as do many email lists these days
and while *I* only very rarely need to replay just to the sender, that
IS the default, so I have to remember to 'reply to list' which drops the
personally addressed copy. As with this reply ...

Like most things related to the internet, nothing was ever planned, so
there is no 'proper' way of doing anything. It would be nice if the
domain names were th other way around so uk. was reserved for emails and
domains that actually originated in the UK, but that is never going to
happen now :(

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