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Re: [PHP] Is this list still alive?

> On Jan 10, 2018, at 4:36 PM, Tolga <kacmaztolga@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 10-01-2018 18:50, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hi Jigar,
>> Am 2018-01-10 hackte Jigar Dhulla in die Tasten:
>>> ​Happy New Year!
>>> Yes, the list is alive. It's just that people don't need much help from
>>> ​this list anymore.
>>> People have started relying on stackoverflow and stuff it seems.
>> It seems thats true
>> Stackoverflow is a very good resource.
> I dont think mail lists are being used lately in general.
> publicity of stackoverflow and issue trackers are more useful for people, like how many questions they've answered and such.

I don't use stackoverflow. I used to use it but I got booted off for questionable reasons.
It seemed to me to be more an issue of provoking ire and antagonism rather than any
technical reason related to the use of the interface.

I really didn't mind because I rarely got specifically useful responses to my posts.
I also had issues with the interface software altering my code when it was posted.

Its a bit like being black listed when the black listing is just an unjust retaliation.

I am also wondering if Rogue Wave is a proxy for Microsoft.

I do not use social media, Twitter, Facebook and such and rely on e-mail and 
appreciate list such as this. 

In my coding I have concentrated more on solving problems before I post. So,
I do not send queries nearly as much as I did.

Thanks for being here and thanks for time and attention

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