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[PHP] Debugging websites ...

Anybody been caught out by the latest Firefox update? I had not realised
that 'loosing legacy extensions' would also mean that Firebug which has
been my mainstay for years would no longer be available. Quantum is
apparently the way we now have to go and
has to be digested ...

Time to roll back and disable updates so I can carry on working? The
problem is that Firefox itself seems to have lost the plot and I'm not
sure I want to stay with it anyway. Chrome is out because of security
concerns from my main client base. IE and Edge need windows and even
then they don't work well anyway. So just where are we with a stable
browser usable for debugging on Linux desktops? Firefox/Firebug allowed
me to run multiscreen and check out pages in parallel, the new setup
seems to be locked to the current tab rather than the site one is
debugging :(

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