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[PHP] How to parse YAML MIME type in PHP

Good afternoon all, 

I am trying to catch data in my application which originates from a Puppet Master server (Puppet open source version 4.9).  The Puppet Server has the ability to process reports from all of it’s clients and send them over to a destination via an HTTP POST as MIME type application/x-yaml.  I have configured the Puppet Server to send data to my application server.  

I see the traffic coming into the my application server from the Puppet Master Server  (via tcpdump).  I also see within my application that some POST data is arriving, however, I don’t know how to catch as parse it.  When I try to dump the $_POST data, it reads empty.  I am using Yii2 as the application framework.  Would anyone know how to catch this data and parse it for insertion into a database?

Thank you
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