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Re: [PHP] Payment gateway and payment confirmation

On 21 September 2017 05:12:10 BST, Raf Roger <raf.news@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>In my application i would like to automatize an enable/disable service
>based on payment status.
>for example, if the user paid with a credit card or paypal, i would
>like to
>enable his announce to be published as planned. However, if the payment
>still not received on bank account or papypal or credit card payment
>gateway does not confirm successful payment, the announce will not be
>I know that's possible but what kind of information do i need for that
>? in
>fact, what are the API or interfaces allowing me to do that for example
>a credit card payment ? Is there a place where i can find this
>information ?

Firstly, what are you using to process payments? 


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