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Re: [PHP] Tutorial on Re-filling form data?

> On Jun 23, 2017, at 11:59 AM, Narcis Garcia <informatica@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A question about PHP language that can be solved with PHP language, is
> better to not be answered talking about another language.
> El 23/06/17 a les 17:23, jomali ha escrit:
>> You should submit the form data via AJAX, validate the data, then send back
>> a message indicating acceptance or rejection of the data.


I’m not sure what is “better” or what “should” be done, but I am sure the typical PHP application/solution does not live in a vacuum. At the very least, we need to consider/use HTML and CSS languages to frame/present our solution for the user. Additionally, we might consider “Mobile First” and that requires some form of Javascript (i.e., jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.) — so AJAX is not that far removed from the tool set we could use.

I agree if a PHP solution can be used, it should be considered. But PHP does not solve all problems and as such we “should" consider other avenues. IMO, it is the diversity in our tool-box that makes us good programmers.



tedd sperling

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