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[PHP] PNW-PHP 2017 and the next SeaPHP meetup

Forwarding this to here (I'm not affiliated with this PNW PHP event, but I am registered and attending all 3 days)


Hello my favorite PHPer's!

Pacific Northwest PHP Updates:

We have announced the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference recently. Early Bird tickets (Save $100+) is on sale until July 5th, 2017. Get your tickets now as there are only 41 early bird tickets left, and none of the people who purchased a ticket are in this group, which is why I am sending this email in case you missed the news about tickets!

I'd like to see more people from this group register for this event. And if your company is interested in sponsoring, sponsorships come with free tickets, so definitely connect with me first.

You can purchase your PNWPHP 2017 tickets here.

We have announced our Schedule and Speakers lineup too. Have you checked it out yet? We have 2 keynote speakers, the famous Christian Heilmann from Microsoft, and the famous Eryn O'Neil from the PHP community. We have events going on from Wednesday (the SeaPHP kickoff party) all the way to Sunday (WurstCon sausage fest at 11am).

You can receive updates about the conference by following our Twitter account https://twitter.com/pnwphp

SeaPHP Updates:

Our next event is on July 11th, 2017 at 6:30 PM. We will have a sponsored dinner, (Thanks CodeShip!). We have a special guest flying from across the US to come speak at our event about CI and PHP. Please RSVP here :) We will also have show and tell with people giving us their 5-10 minute demo's on a project they are working on. Thanks to our first volunteer Mac McClain who will be showing us a demo of one of his projects he's been working on for the past 6 months. If you're interested in showing off your project, please connect with us and we will put you on the schedule.