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Re: [PHP] Importing ECDSA public key from javascript/subtlecrypto

On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 4:38 AM, Martijn van Duren <php@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> For a project I'm working on I need to import an ECDSA public key into
> the openssl extension to verify data/signatures send by the client. The
> key has been verified, so that's no problem.
> The problem is the fact that subtlecrypto exports the key as raw, spki,
> or jwk, while non of these can be imported into the openssl extension.
> Can anyone inform me on a way to make the key compatible with the
> openssl interface, be it on the javascript side or the php side.
> Martijn van Duren

Well, you could fiddle with trying to base64 the raw output and create a
pem-formatted crt file of your own using PHP, but this npm package looks
easier if you export as a jwk and then use the package to convert to a pem: