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Re: [PHP] Re: How to explode an array from a Database?

To the specific issue you're having:

"SELECT serial, $category as cat FROM categories"

That way the result rows will always have a column named "cat".

That said, German Geek is correct that if you feel the need to do that, you should probably be looking at a different approach, or using a formal query builder library. (Doctrine DBAL is the most popular but by no means the only.)

Also, extract() is almost never the right tool. Just reference into the array: $row['cat']. (And then remember to escape your output properly.)

--Larry Garfield

On 05/28/2017 07:16 PM, German Geek wrote:
First of all, I would recommend using
http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdo.php PDO.
Having something like
db_query($db_link, "SELECT serial,$category FROM categories");
is a bad idea if you are running this code in a web page, because of SQL

There is a fetch for assoc and then you can find the array key of the
associate array.

You'll find a lot of resources just googling some of these words. Maybe
look into using the preg_split function and finding a regular expression to
split on if you have to do that anywhere.

More of the code and samples of data would also help with helping you.

On Mon, 29 May 2017 at 02:34 Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@xxxxxxxxx>

I tried to use the following (base) code:

[01] $db_link   = db_connect();
[02]  $db_result = db_query($db_link, "SELECT serial,$category FROM
[03]  $cat_array = db_fetch_all($db_result);
[05]  sort($cat_array, SORT_NUMERIC);
[07]  foreach($cat_array as $row) {
[08]    extract($row);
[09]    $strg .= "        <a
[10]  }
[12]  db_close($db_link);

the problem is in db_query (line 02) with "$category"  where  the  value
can change between e.g.


so, how I can evaluate the name of the value of the  variable  $category
in line 09?


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