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Re: [PHP] in_array

On 06-04-2017 16:21, Aziz Saleh wrote:
On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 4:30 AM, Karl DeSaulniers <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello All,
Hope you are all experiencing some progress with yours.
Looking forward to some on mine. Have a quick question.

When traversing an multidimensional array what is the proper way to detect
if a value is in one of the indexes of the array?


Array1 = array(
         0 => array("pUser" => "Customer", "pType" => "Offset", "pProduct"
=> "Business Cards"),
         1 => array("pUser" => "Retailer", "pType" => "Offset", "pProduct"
=> "Flyers"),
         2 => array("pUser" => "InHouse", "pType" => "Offset", "pProduct"
=> "Business Cards")

So I have this array and I want to add let's say a customer -> offset ->
business cards,
but let's also say that there is only 1 customer is allowed to offset
print at a time.

How would I check for pUser, pType to see if one exists already?

I was looking at in_array(), but my brain twisted when the
multidimensional came into play.
Not sure how to apply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm
http://designdrumm.com <http://designdrumm.com/>

A few options I can think of:

- Loop through the array and compare to find if it exists.
- Have the index of the array be the md5 of the unique fields and do an
isset before adding.
- Keep a separate md5 array of the added values and do in_array.

Personally I would prefer the custom keys/isset.

or rather than md5 fields, make it more multidimentional and check with isset,

        "Business Cards"=>array(

if($Array1["Offset"]["Business Cards"]["Customer"]) or if(isset($Array1["Offset"]["Business Cards"]["Customer"])) will give you what you want

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