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Re: [PHP] Syntax generating error?

> On Apr 1, 2017, at 5:33 PM, Aziz Saleh <azizsaleh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 5:45 PM, Jeffry Killen <jekillen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi;
> The following error is generated by the line marked "// << error indicated"
> Fatal error: Function name must be a string in dev_lab_current/lab_20/php/arrayRecursorREV-2.php on line 556
> self::$_localParams = array
> (
>  'receiver'=>array('value'=>'', 'count'=>0),
>  'type'=>'',
>  'current'=>'',
>  'value'=>'',
>  'count'=>'',
>  'len'=>'',
>  'parent'=>'',
>  'level'=>0,
>  'record'=>array(),
>  'addPath'=>function(){self::showPath();},
>  'stat'=>array()
> );
> print self::$_localParams['addPath']().'<br>';// << error indicated (line 556)
> This is in an early development stage and the print statement is to test the concept and
> the function that is supposed to be called. If the function wasn't properly defined or referenced,
> it would generate a not defined error.
> As it is the self::showPath() call had to be nested in an anonymous function. I presume that is what
> the problem is
> But the array property is a string, so why would that not serve the purpose?
> Thanks for time and attention
> JK
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> It would be the case if you are using the current stable release of PHP or any version >= v 7.0. In older versions you will need to it in a 2-step process:
> $function = self::$_localParams['addPath'];
> print $function().'<br>';

Thank you for the response:

The version I am working on for development is 5.5.36 as on Mac OSX Yosemite (Apache with php module enabled);

I have developed a module in javascript that I am translating into php.

I realize there are different scoping concerns between php and javascript, and
that javascript does not have associative arrays specifically, only objects. Every
variable in javascript is directly available to scopes below it. It does not have
to be passed by reference or value.

var sample = 'help';
var  test = function()
test() //// produces an alert dialog: "help" in a browser.

That is not the case in php,

As I understand it, in php
$sample = 'help';
$_test = function($a)
    print $a;
$_test($sample) // prints "help"

So I am going to have to struggle a bit to shake this one out.
One of my main aims is to be able to recurse over multidimensional arrays and supply
a user defined function with a record of the progress: so, the self:$_localParams array.
The addPath element will be available to the user defined function to produce the branch
of the array that a search parameter is looking for. So It will be called in much the same
way as in my original code sample.

Thank you for time and attention

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