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[PHP] Syntax generating error?

The following error is generated by the line marked "// << error indicated"

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in dev_lab_current/lab_20/php/arrayRecursorREV-2.php on line 556

self::$_localParams = array
 'receiver'=>array('value'=>'', 'count'=>0),

print self::$_localParams['addPath']().'<br>';// << error indicated (line 556)

This is in an early development stage and the print statement is to test the concept and
the function that is supposed to be called. If the function wasn't properly defined or referenced,
it would generate a not defined error. 

As it is the self::showPath() call had to be nested in an anonymous function. I presume that is what
the problem is

But the array property is a string, so why would that not serve the purpose?

Thanks for time and attention
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