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[PHP] php 5.6.30 intl


PHP 5.6.30 with intl extension needs ICU.

FreeBSD port has ICU compilled '--with-data-packaging=archive' option - intl
extension accept this durning compillation.

In mine environment php works as fpm with chroot, like
/home/username/domainname.tld/ where is public_html
as documentroot for webserver.

Inside chroot is also roundcube webmail.

Roundcube uses idn_to_ascii() function to determine $username and
$domain_part - but idn_to_ascii() don't work, eg.  idn_to_ascii($username)
is empty, idn_to_ascii($domain_part) also is empty without any

>From roundcube team:
"Looks like a PHP level issue. From intl extension we use idn_to_ascii()
 function. I guess it returns empty string instead of a properly converted 
string or sth."

-- dsk

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