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Re: [PHP] Write multiple backslashes

As a matter of interest I got it solved using 8 backslashes ... one would think
that 1 backlash will escape 1 more backlash, but it doesn't. Somehow 8
backlashes did the job ... don't ask me how ...


Thank you for everyone's input ...

>     I'm no regard expert but don't you have to escape it for each one?
>     Something like $second_rexexp = "ignore_tmp=^(\\\\*.*\\\\*)$";
>     I could be way off base though...
> Yes that's true but only because it is a double quoted string, meaning
> backslashes are treated as escape sequences. 
> You could also just use a single quoted string.
> $second_regexp = 'IGNORE_TMP=^(\\*.*\\*)$';

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