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[PHP] Adding features to a mailinglist

Hello *,

I run the Courier Mailing List Manager with currently 173  lists  and  a
bunch of domains just fine.

Now I like to add a List Archive which allow users to  sort  by  THREAD,
SUBJECT and DATE and also allow  to  reply  to  a  post  (with  previous
registering, but no captcha crap)

It should work without AJAX and DRUPAL because I have again discovered a
mess using it and I am absolutely not more willing to use it again.   It
is to complex and eating up to much resources.

The second FEATURE I like to add is a FORUM.

I have written a small  PHP5  script,  which  use  IMAP  to  access  the
mailfolder of the List and create from the SUBJECTS a DATE sorted  list.
I think, most of you know, how a forum look like.

If I click on a subject, it opens the topic with  all  the  messages  in
this topic.  Later I will add also the body of the message.

However, this @#!@ fails, is stupid users take an old message  from  the
mailinglist, change the subject and post it as new topic.

Any suggestions, how to handle this two cases?

Thanks in avance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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