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Re: [PHP] Problem with migration php(wikimedia) between Https and CSS

> Date: Saturday, February 18, 2017 19:26:22 -0200
> From: Rodrigo Cunha <rodrigo.root.rj@xxxxxxxxx>
> Dears, i installing wikimedia in my enviroment in http protocol,
> but i want setting this for https acess.
> I do redirect for vhost01 (old http wiki) to vhost02(current https
> wiki) but the display for my wiki not work.
> I Need Help!

In order to be able to help you you have to provide *some* level of
detail as to the nature of the problem. Indicating what you did for
the move, what is showing in the logs (both access and error) on both
the old and new systems, and the specifics of what is/isn't working
would be a good start.

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