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Re: [PHP] How to escape a local path so fopen() doesn't consider it a URL?

On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 1:58 AM, Jesse Schalken <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> If I have a local file path that happens to look like a URL (for example, a
> file called "data:foo"), what is the correct escaping or manipulation that
> I have to do so that fopen() doesn't consider it a URL and it gets passed
> verbatim to fopen() in C?

I believe you can use the backslash (\), as is noted in the documentation
related to the use of Window's paths that utilize the backslash instead of
the forward slash. That said, I also thought that the path had to begin
with a valid scheme (e.g., "protocol://"), so I'm not sure "data:foo" would
prove troublesome (but I didn't have time to test anything before hitting
the hay.)

Happy coding!