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[PHP] More operators

In addition to the "->" and "::" operators, the following probably need more documentation too. I will list them followed by a comment in a separate line for each; note that "{$" and "${" are two operators (experienced PHP programmers know that I am sure).

described in Array Operators but not in the table at the top of that page

not mentioned in "Array Operators", but is an operator for arrays, correct?

type-casting; not described as an operator

precedence; described in "Operator Precedence" but "()" is not described as an operator or operators but probably should be

{$ and ${
undocumented, barely described and they need better names


called a token in "Function arguments" so it is not clear to me that it is an operator but "..." seems to have multiple uses, none adequately documented.

Note that also the "Assignment Operators" page has a note written 12 years ago saying it "ought to have table of assignment operators".