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Re: [PHP] LOCKS???

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 10:19 AM, Tedd Sperling <tedd.sperling@xxxxxxxxx>

> To restate the current problem.
> I have two scripts accessed by two different computers (thus with
> different session ID’s).
> a) Computer One runs the first script which executes a LOCK --
> $query = "LOCK TABLES $table WRITE”;
> — and then writes to the table. This is confirmed by inspecting the table
> via phpMyAdmin.
> b) Computer two then runs the second script which only executes an UPDATE
> --:
> $query = "UPDATE $table SET i='$i' WHERE id=1 “;
> — and the value of i in $table is changed. This is also confirmed by
> inspecting the table via phpMyAdmin.
> This experiment demonstrates that LOCK TABLES does not work for me.

Are you using a transaction on “Computer One?”

If a session begins a transaction (for example, with START TRANSACTION), an
> implicit UNLOCK TABLES is performed, which causes existing locks to be
> released. (For additional information about the interaction between table
> locking and transactions, see Section, “Interaction of Table
> Locking and Transactions”.)

It could also be a question of whether the connection is being recreated
between when you issue the LOCK and when you do whatever work.

If the connection for a client session terminates, whether normally or
> abnormally, the server implicitly releases all table locks held by the
> session (transactional and nontransactional).

Both the above are from:

I'd encourage you to test the functionality you're expecting from a MySQL
prompt instead of another language to confirm if you're operating with the
correct queries or if the problem lays in the interface layer.