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Re: [PHP] Wait till file contents changed

Create a file handle, $handle = fopen($filename, ‘r’, ), create a variable, $busy = true, then create a loop. while busy, $contents = fread($handle, 1 ), if $contents is 1 set busy to false.
However, the elegant solution would be:
<path to php>/php <path to file to execute>
 at te end of the script.

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Op 7 nov. 2016, om 16:19 heeft Danny <mynixmail@xxxxxxxxx> het volgende geschreven:


I am trying to figure out a way to do the following:

I have a cli script that has to wait untill the contents of a file has changed
from a "0" to a "1".

If it is a "0", the script must wait, if it is changed to a "1" the script must
continue. The "0" and "1" is written by a BASH script. 

When the bash script is run , it echo's a "0" into the file to tell php that the
process has started and php should wait untill the process is finished which
occurs when the BASH script echo's a "1" into the same file.

Any pointers?

Thank you


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