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Re: [PHP] Catch line indetation

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 7:37 PM, German Geek <geek.de@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> String functions are very fast. Regexes have to be compiled under the hood
> to take advantage of their speed.

A lover of assembly language could hand-code a routine to "count leading
whitespace of all known types" that would blow any other solution away.*
But every developer who came across it over the next decade would have to
learn it.**

Or you can write a function with unit tests so nobody ever has to read the
gory details again.***

     * Returns the leading whitespace from the given string or an empty
string for all else.
     * @param string $input converted to string if needed
     * @return string the leading whitespace or empty string if none
    function lspace($input) { // psuedably-cryptic c-style function name?
        if ($input && ($input = (str) $input)) { // micro-optimization
alert! no idea if this helps; totally defensive. kill?
            if (preg_match('/^\s*/', $input, $matches)) { // ignore errors
like a boss (actually, this is fine here)
                return $matches[0];
        return ''; // Ask me a dumb question, get a dumb answer.

    [Awesome unit tests here] [1]


* This could be baked into the regex library too.
** You'd wrap it in a function where most readers would never see it.
*** Did Unicode++ just drop? No problem, the PHP devs will fix preg_match
and "\s" before you could ever notice. Stay on top of updates!
**** Asterisk in regex is greedy so there's no need to find the end of the
whitespace nor capture a portion of the match. Simplify!

[1] http://ideone.com/PO2Xoq