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[PHP] [PHP-FPM] We are interested in improving the FPM, contribution, collaboration, sponsorship

Hi all,

We are interested in improving PHP-FPM in the following directions:

- Per pool/user separation of the opcache, or another way to ensure high
security and control on the opcache
- Softer graceful restarts, where only pools with changed configuration are
killed/restarted, plus force restart on a pool

Is anybody interested/already working on such improvements? Are there any
plans for improvements on the php-fpm whatsoever from the original
dev/maintaining team?

Who is currently maintaining/developing the fpm?

We can also offer sponsorship to whoever wants to develop the improvements
and then QA the code.

All the improvements will then be discussed and released publicly.

Thanks for your time and whatever info/advice you can provide me with!

Best regards,