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Re: [PHP] feature request : gzip caching

On 28/08/16 02:39, Rene Veerman wrote:
> with all due respect, you sound like you don't know what you're talking
> about ok.. i rest my case at the arguments i presented, confident it'll
> convince the internals team (which is what this is *about*, ok)..

If you want to get the internals list to take you seriously then start
by following the preferred etiquette of the list. I think you may have
something useful to contribute, but if I can't follow the conversation
then I'll bow out. and posting to both lists in parallel is another

I build js material on the fly and that is something I've been
developing in my own framework, and now use nginx to serve files that
PHP has built. This is not an area for PHP to need to worry about once
it has created static material, and I would not expect those files to be
compressed in the file system, simply served compressed if the client
end allows.

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