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Re: [PHP] Re: request for comments : https://github.com/seductiveapps/folderDB (a fully scalable JSON database architecture (currently in concept phase))

On 28/08/16 01:47, Rene Veerman wrote:
> --- Design motivation
> Table data *SUCKS* when making user-interfaces in the browser, development
> is too complicated and takes too long, is too error prone, complicated apps
> "never get done afterall".. (my experience from desiging a tinymce.com
> based version-control enabled browser editor with about 10 SQL tables)..

When I started with PHP I came to it with many years of using dBase
followed by Interbase and a large client base using proprietary software
on the windows computers which were starting to appear even on the
counter side. Our early systems had their own access terminals in the
front of house areas as the cost of computers could not be justified.
The cost of adding a network to a site was hundreds of times more than
our simple systems ;)

Obviously as PC spread, the access terminals were getting in the way, so
adding a web based interface was almost essential. Hence a move to
something like PHP seemed the right approach. To add to the fun Borland
number crunchers decided this Interbase thing that they had acquired as
part of the buy out of Ashton-Tate was not worth bothering with so
decided to pull the plug on it. Shit hit the fan big time, and so to
keep some big clients happy they open-sourced the code, but realised
quickly they had made a big mistake and tried to put the cork back in.
Firebird however was already gaining traction and despite not being so
popular in PHP circles is heavily used in Delphi based windows systems.

I still have a couple of windows based client systems which use a
planner spreadsheet to interface to a room booking system. This is
something I keep coming back to to try and convert to web based, but
even the expensive js libraries do not provide all of the facilities the
proprietary windows one does and clients are unwilling to change.

I started with ADOdb is the interface to the database with my first pass
at the web interface, and although the results are crude in places, that
same set of PHP code is basically still running a number of sites ...
because it does the job the clients want. I've developed my own much
slicker next generation framework forking from tikiwiki originally and
this now provides a base for my current hosting clients, but converting
my main income clients over to it has simply not happened. It's not a
question of 'Table data *SUCKS* when making user-interfaces in the
browser', but perhaps that PHP now sucks in handling stuff with 15 years
ago worked well. I'm still using ADOdb and others have finally seen the
light, although I'm not happy with some of the changes they are making
so I will probably stick with my own fork ... and it's simple methods of
printing a list of data in a browser ...

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