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[PHP] feature-request : html + css logging in apache logs (example for the rest of the unix community too)


Once again, thanks for keeping PHP free to use and so widely and easily

I have another feature request (sent earlier tonight)..

I quite often, much more than i like, *need* a stacktrace and *proper*
variable listings for each function called in PHP when it barfs out nothing
more than an apache error log entry..
And can we please show such entries in the browser *as well as the apache
log*? Or if nothing else, *just* in the browser?

Rather than going "all the way" and making variable contents (which can
grow quite large) collapsable and shit *right away*, you could simply add
the right <span> and <p> class="" names and supply a CSS file. I use it in
all error handling that does make it to set_error_handler(myHandler), and
that really is what makes things like my obfuscator (also posted about to
the php-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxx earlier tonight) possible.
And taking things that far allows guys like me to provide you with a
collapsable large-JSON-decoding viewer addon for such logfiles later (rest
assured that that'll get done once you do this for me).. i call it
jsonViewer and i should have it back up at
http://seductiveapps.com/tools/json (or /jsonViewer) once the obfuscator is
fully done in a few weeks, at most..

if you want me to build (and opensource) things like that true-obfuscator
and my JSON scalable database architecture using just apache2+ and php5+,
it would really cut my development time in more than half if you could add
"all of this" (it's deadsimple and a few hours work imo) to the next
versions of PHP (and please make it the default, you can include sample CSS
or read in a CSS file that you set in php.ini (comment on how to do this in
the logfile html please))..

see https://github.com/seductiveapps/folderDB/blob/master/todo.platform.txt
for all relevant updates concerning these developments mentioned here..

Thanks in advance for considering and likely adopting the 2 small changes i
need in the next versions of PHP.. I run ubuntu btw.. I'll be checking the
php.net pages for your future updates..

If anyone can gimme a duration-to-completion for each of my requests of
tonight, that'd be awesome. I'll take a "wild guess", or any serious
objections that i might be able to sway out of the way..